EVNCERT is Armenia's National Computer Emergency Response Team. We are a non-governmental and fully public-funded organization. We analyze computer incidents in Armenia and collect the data and evidence from the recent attacks to help with the prevention and cessation of those. EVNCERT allows users to find the information we have on their IP address from our database, conducts audits, and shares information about the computer incidents that happened or are still happening in Armenia.

What we do

EVNCERT is the cyber security information and incident response hub for Armenia. Our primary mission is to address the computer security concerns of armenian internet users. EVNCERT's vision is to reduce the probability of successful attacks and lower the risk of consequential damage.
EVNCERT tries to develop measures to deal with large-scale or regional network security incidents. We provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits. We work alongside government agencies and other international and national partners to help Armenia to be more resilience to cyber-attacks. We are promoting cyber security situational awareness across industry and the public sector and supporting citizens, businesses and other institutions to handle cyber security incidents.